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Dr. Brett Mueller

Patient Focused — We Treat YOU Like Family

Dr. Mueller Performing Surgery

Committed to Excellence and Advancing the Field of LASIK & Cataract Eye Surgery

Dr. Brett Mueller is an esteemed board-certified and fellowship-trained ophthalmologist, renowned for his expertise in LASIK and cataract eye surgery. His extensive training includes a fellowship with the prestigious World College of Refractive Surgery and Visual Sciences and the Refractive Surgery Alliance Fellowship Network.

This advanced education has equipped him with a vast skill set to address the entire gamut of vision correction procedures. Embodying the spirit of Texas, Dr. Mueller is delighted to serve the Dallas/Fort Worth area as founder of Mueller Vision, delivering top-tier surgical and laser solutions to enhance your vision.

Educationally, Dr. Mueller’s journey commenced at Texas A&M, majoring in Biomedical Science, followed by his medical and doctoral education at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. His doctoral research delved into innovative treatments within Ophthalmology, establishing his reputation with over 60 scholarly publications presented globally.

Dr. Mueller’s roles have included principal and sub-investigator on many industry and FDA clinical trials, illustrating his dedication to advancing ophthalmology and vision correction surgery. His commitment to the evolution of his field promises continued advancements for his patients’ benefit for years ahead.

Dr. Mueller at a Conference

Open Letter to Patients

I remember distinctly the exact time when I knew that I wanted to be an ophthalmologist. It was June 2007, and I had just completed a ten-day medical mission trip to Guatemala, where we served over 2000 patients. These patients came to our clinic seeking something very foreign to them: medical care. I recall one elderly man, blinded by cataracts, who took the arduous journey of over eight hours from the Guatemalan hills, with his grandson holding his hand, guiding each step. Upon entering the patient room with the general surgeon, we had to apologize to this elderly man and his grandson, because there was no ophthalmologist at the facility, so we could not remove his cataracts. As the look of joyous hope turned to despairing sadness, the grandfather communicated through tear-filled eyes that all he wanted to do was to see the sunrise one last time, behold the beauty of nature, and look into the eyes of his grandson. As they left, I felt an overwhelming sense of compassion, as I would have given anything to have been able to help him that day.

This story resonates with me, because I see this elderly man in every single one of the patients that I treat on a daily basis. Whether it be people who come in that are not able to experience life to their fullest because of their cataracts, or blinded because of their near-sightedness or astigmatism. I love being able to offer solutions to YOU for these conditions, and see that look of joy come across your face when you discover that there is a cure, that you can live life with clear, crisp vision.

These moments are even more special to me when I get to provide them for my family. My mother just recently had laser cataract surgery, and can now see 20/15 at distance, and read her book without the need of reading glasses. She describes her vision as like how it was when she was 20 years old. My sister, who was blinded by her nearsightedness since she was 3 just recently had EVO ICL procedure performed on her, and she can now see 20/10 without the aid of glasses or contacts and describes everything in her world being in HD. These stories happen all the time with my patients, and I feel very blessed and fortunate to be able to share these moments with you.

As a LASIK and cataract eye surgeon, I daily witness patients and family members frustrated by loss of eyesight due to cataracts, or the debilitation from needing to be dependent upon prosthetic eyewear. Such experiences always bring me back to my experiences in Guatemala, but now, instead of telling this grandfather and grandson that there is nothing we can do, I can now say, “There is something that I can do … I can help you.”


Brett Mueller

Dr. Brett Mueller


Dr. Mueller holds board certification from the American Board of Ophthalmology and is distinguished as the inaugural LASIK eye surgeon globally to complete a two-year fellowship at the World College of Refractive Surgery and Visual Sciences. His role extends to being an associate academic director with the Refractive Surgery Alliance Fellowship network, contributing to the education of upcoming LASIK eye surgeons worldwide.

Dr. Mueller is multi-faceted, taking on the roles of surgeon, educator, lecturer, and researcher with equal passion. He remains a leading figure in refractive surgery, committed to advancing eye surgery techniques to benefit patients globally.

Mueller Vision Gives Back to the Community Both Locally and Globally

At Mueller Vision, there is a profound recognition of a calling that transcends individual interests. It is with immense honor and a sense of privilege that the team, led by Dr. Mueller, extends the precious gift of sight to numerous individuals. Central to their mission is a commitment to the global fight against blindness.

Dr. Mueller’s efforts are not confined to his local community, where he aids low-income individuals with cataract surgeries, but also span across international borders where he performs similar surgeries in developing countries.

Collaboration with the Himalayan Cataract Project (HCP) is a testament to their dedication, wherein Mueller Vision contributes a portion of each elective surgery’s cost towards funding cataract surgeries in underserved regions worldwide. This initiative is a clear reflection of how Mueller Vision is incorporating the Fort Worth community to aid in the fight against global blindness.

Dr. Mueller and His Daughter

Family Focused

The only thing that Dr. Mueller loves more than LASIK and Cataract eye surgery is his family. His wife, Deanna, is a Physician Assistant, and you will likely see her beautiful presences and smile as you come into the office. They are proud parents of 3 beautiful kids: Brett III, Daniel, and Autumn.

A lover of the outdoors, Dr. Mueller spends his time away from work running, camping, and engaging in outdoor activities. Mueller Vision prides itself on an environment that mirrors the family values of Dr. Mueller. They eagerly anticipate providing you with care that feels as though you’re among family. We look forward to seeing you soon!!!